Hi! My name is Jaakko and I'm a brazilian/finish industrial designer living in São Paulo. I believe that design is more than a discipline, it is a life style and a posture. With this approach in mind, I managed my own studio for almost 6 years, created 02 new areas at Whirlpool LATAM (one of which was replicated globally) and had the opportunity to get involved in different challenges, from a new educational design service to motor boats, brand development, consumer goods and social design.

It all started in 2003 with a question: how can we redesign the world?

And since then I've been trying to redesign some ideas, some rituals and some solutions that surrounds us. All this experimentation, led me to very simple insight: there is a lot of people trying to change the world so maybe, as a designer, my role should be just to support them, empower them.

That is the main idea of redesignit and it's projects. Soon I will write a more about this initiative, stay tuned ;)